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How to Write an Article Critique That Impresses

Students face many types of assignments, some of which have unique instructions and requirements, which often get them stuck. An example of such a task is being asked to assess an article.

So, what is an article critique? It’s a form of academic writing where a writer analyzes and evaluates a scientific work to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Unlike a summary, where one highlights a publication’s main points and findings, this assignment requires to analyze the work’s strengths, weaknesses, methods, arguments, evidence, and implications.

Learning how to write an article critique that does the author justice takes time and practice. However, we have curated a step-by-step process for creating a decent paper. There is also always the option of ghostwriters for hire to take on your work at any stage.

Step #1: Read the piece

Read the publication thoroughly and note the key points, major arguments, and any questions you might have. Review it multiple times to highlight any notable sections. Reflect on the context in which the article was published, including the target audience, the publication’s reputation, and any potential biases or agendas. Consider how these factors may influence the work’s content and arguments.

Step #2: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses

Analyze the piece carefully to determine the following:

  • The credibility of the author and their expertise in the field.
  • The purpose of the publication and how it’s relevant to the research question.
  • The writing style, clarity, and author’s ability to convey their ideas effectively.
  • The validity of the methods used and the results obtained.
  • The strength of the author’s arguments and the logic of their reasoning.
  • Any limitations, biases, or ethical issues in the publication.
  • How the publication contributes to existing knowledge in the field.

Evaluating a writing piece requires a lot of time and critical thinking. So, you are not the only one who seeks professional help.

Step #3: Provide your opinion

Note down your opinions on the piece. Also, explain the writer’s claims you agree or disagree with and support them with proper explanations. Don’t forget to stay respectful and objective, focusing on the content of the work rather than personal opinions about the author.

Step #4: Write the analysis

Turn your assessment into a writing piece using the correct format and structure to make it easy to read and meet requirements. Support your points with evidence from the publication or other credible sources. Finally, make a general summary and provide a final evaluation of the article. If applicable, offer recommendations for improvement and discuss the publication’s overall significance within the field.

Another great idea is seeking feedback from peers, instructors, or colleagues who are better familiar with the subject matter. Their perspectives can help you identify your analysis’s overlooked strengths or weaknesses.

An Easy Article Critique APA Format Guide

Formatting is a crucial aspect of college writing. If asked to use the APA article critique format, here’s how to apply it to your assignment.

First, all the text should be double-spaced with a one-inch margin on either side. Then, use a 12-point Times New Roman font for the whole paper. The work should follow the following structure.

  • Title page: contains the title of the analysis, the author’s name, and the institution’s name.
  • Abstract: a brief summary of the analysis.
  • Introduction: provides background info on the piece and topic and highlights the chief points.
  • The body: it’s where you develop the analysis using relevant examples from the publication.
  • Conclusion: summarize the primary points and provide your overall thoughts on the work.

To comply with article critique APA format guidelines, place your reference list on a separate page with the heading ‘References’ at the top center. You should also arrange your sources alphabetically according to the authors’ last names.

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